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Tag From Chae.

Tag From Chae.

1.What's the best thing have ever happened in your life ?

- the best thing have ever happened in my life is meeting all my amazing friends at my school.

2.Do you like camping ?

- of coz i like camping damn much.btw, weh chae, i just bought a new backpack. i have no idea why my father, my mother and i just bought the backpack just now. =.=

3.Who is/are your best friend(s) ?

- kalau nak senaraikan kat sini sampai esok tak habis.!

4.Which one would be your first priority ? Friends or family ?

-of coz la family is my priority :)

5.What kind of vacations do you like ?

- adventure vacation with my family.

6.Do you smoke ?

-no! i'm not a smoker. i hate smoker.!

7.Are you the first child in your family ? If you are, do you like it ?

no. i'm the second and the last.

8.Tv or Internet ?

-both of them

9.Can you live without your cellphone ?

- no, because i can't contack with my friends and hear his/her voice. :)

10.What kind of questions do you expect from me ? haha.

-i have no idea.

11.Your ambition ?

-hurm. i think i would be an engineer, or maybe archiect . insyaallah :)


nota kaki: aktiviti mirool yang terdekat ialah esok nak pergi amik ujian komputer. harap-harap lulus. then out for 2 week.

p/s: Aku bosan ni sebenarnya. Tu la tetiba ja nak buat tag chae ni. btw, rindu pulak dekat kawan-kawan. Bila ingat balik kenangan bersama dengan kawan-kawan, macam-macam kenangan ada. Hahaha inilah KAWAN. Takda kawan, takdalah kehidupan aku. :(

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